Home security: Smart ways to stay more secure

by Thomas Scanlan 05/13/2024

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When it comes to home security, smart devices are some of the best investments you can make. A smart home security system including motion sensors, security cameras, smart locks and other tools can help you stay safe with the convenience of technology.

However, even the best home security system can be vulnerable if not properly secured. It's important to use whatever tools you have available for boosting the security of your smart home devices.

Securing your smart home security systems digitally

Several home security systems offer professional installation, which means the company can install and configure them. Some of these DIY-oriented devices require self-install. The system should be supplied with detailed instructions. In most cases, security devices can be installed or attached to any other device you want to access via a smart hub.

When securing your smart home devices, start with basic digital best practices. These include using strong, unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication and restricting admin access. Other things that can help include professional monitoring, which is included in some smart security system packages.

Using added digital security

For extra digital security, consider setting up voice control or use a fingerprint reader. You can also use comprehensive third-party security software with password management, threat monitoring and automatic updates to stay ahead of the latest threats.

Keeping your devices updated

Manufacturers are always adding new security information to smart security systems and other smart home devices. By keeping your devices updated, you can keep your home secure with practically zero effort. Enable automatic updates on your home security system and third-party devices for greater peace of mind.

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Having a smart home system can drastically improve your security. However, it's crucial to make sure everything is set up correctly. Contact your local home tech experts for more information on how to keep your home digitally secure.

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